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Painting Experience
with Homero Ganem


Learn and Experience
Homero’s Way of Creating Art

Homero will be teaching a class on how to express yourself through painting. Each group with be provided with a fully equipped art station, perfect for beginners in art.

HG's artistic evolution is a testament to his self-taught prowess. His distinct style seamlessly melds photography and painting, as he deftly juxtaposes vivid, chromatic strokes against monochromatic imagery. This innovative technique infuses his compositions with a captivating allure, mirroring his unique perspective on existence. His freehand expressions engage with the surrounding milieu, weaving narratives that are both fanciful and authentic.

Central to HG's oeuvre is his mastery of mixed media, an avenue through which he narrates personal tales from his upbringing in South America. Reflecting on the pivotal role women played in his upbringing, he weaves their stories into his artistry. A constant fixture in his pieces is a Homer Simpson-like avatar, proudly sporting a mustache as an homage to his Colombian and Hispanic heritage. This whimsical figure introduces viewers to a first-person outlook, inviting them to partake in his artistic journey.

About Homero Ganem

Colombian artist Homero Ganem, a.k.a. HG, discovered his love of art at a young age. He would frequently visit his aunt’s art studio and dreamed of making what he loved his career, as she did. In school, he would pass the time with scribbles and doodles while letting his imagination run wild.

HG is a 100% self-taught artist. Over time, he developed a signature style that puts his paintbrush to photographic images. By strategically overlaying vibrant, colorful painted imagery over his black and white photos, HG delivers a dramatic touch that mirrors his perception of life. The freehand artwork interplays with its surrounding environment to tell a story that is at once fictional and realistic.

HG uses this mixed media technique to tell his own life stories of his upbringing in South America and of the women who were the backbone of his family, always playing a vital role in his childhood. HG inserts his Homer Simpson-like avatar into each unique piece, sporting a mustache as an ode to his Colombian and Hispanic roots and giving his artwork a first-person perspective...

Painting with Homero Experience Includes:

Fully Equipped

Art Station

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Hors D'Oeuvres From
Pink Dolphin

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